Tom’s Top 5 Napa Valley Wineries

Tom has been a part of Napa Valley wineries for years having worked in the industry and now providing customized wine tours for visitors from all over the world. Below you’ll find his top 5 Napa Valley winery picks for your consideration.

Flint Knoll Wines, Napa

Flint Knoll LogoThe Napa Valley wine growing regions features an abundance of vineyards in a variety of locations, elevations and settings. These elements in addition to soil chemistry combine to yield a variety of flavors in individual grapes. Flint Knoll Wines takes advantage of a number of local varietals and appellations to offer a number of fantastic wines, each with it’s own distinct characteristics. This is the joy of wine tasting, to appreciate the subtle characteristics of a given wine. Tastings are by appointment only and we can make a reservation as part of your wine tasting tour.

Promise Wine, St Helena

Azur Logo

The Promise vision is to make world-class artisan wines from renowned California vineyards. They have a deep respect,  passion and love for the Napa and Sonoma Valleys and are grateful to work with the wonderful people that make up this amazing wine community.

Amulet Estate, St. Helena

Amulet LogoAny reason to visit St. Helena is a good one and Amulet Estate is one of the best. Their attention to detail in the vineyard coupled with a gentle winemaking philosophy results in some outstanding wines. Sourcing grapes from vineyards all over the region allows for a wide variety of complex wines that simply need to be tasted to appreciate.

Joseph Cellars, Calistoga

Joseph Cellars LogoJoseph Cellars is a family owned and operated winery and they produce small lots of exceptional wines. Their focus is hand crafting wines from their 32 acre property which covers 2 appellations. Joseph Cellars offer a variety of tasting experiences for their visitors. As always, Destination Napa Valley will arrange the tasting experience of your choice.

Reverie II, St. Helena

Reverie II LogoReverie II focuses on single vineyard wines, producing three Bordeaux-style mountain wines. These have long been the cornerstone of Reverie’s wine-making tradition, along with three grape varietals rarely found in Napa Valley. A great stop in St. Helena, Reverie II offers a great tasting experience in a gorgeous setting that may rival other stops as the highlight of your trip.

So Many Wine Tasting Choices!

These are just a few suggestions from an abundance of wine tasting options in the Napa Valley region. Still not sure where to go? That’s understandable. There are so many choices it can be overwhelming. Click here to view our favorite guide to Napa Valley Wineries for more ideas. Coordinating your stops can be a challenge and that’s where we come! Our concierge service does all the hard work so you can focus on enjoying your Napa Valley Wine Tour experience!