Group of people wine tasting in Napa ValleyOur private Napa Valley wine tours are customized to suit your wishes and dreams. This way, you can enjoy your wine tasting experience the way you want to with the help of local wine expert Tom Jarman!

Plan to visit popular Napa Valley wineries or hidden gems that offer the varietals you love. Most Napa wine tours have a set itinerary and you may be missing out on some of the smaller, more intimate wineries that provide a more personal experience.

And of course, a wine tour is never complete without a delicious meal. Tom can help plan the perfect culinary experience choosing from the many great eateries in the region. From a simple bistro to some of the finest dining on the planet, your food experience will be just as memorable as the great wines!

Napa Wine Tour Highlights

  • Private tour
  • Friendly & knowledgeable tour guide!
  • Customized tour to suite your wishes
  • Choice of awesome restaurants
  • Easy pick up and drop off at your hotel

Wine Tasting Fees

Most wineries charge a tasting fee between $30 and $50 dollars per person. The tasting fees are not included with your tour price and are charged by the wineries. Some will waive the fee if you purchase wine or join their wine club. If you are not tasting at a winery, no fee is required.

Wine Clubs

Wine clubs have become very popular in Napa and Sonoma and are a good way to waive tasting fees. Most wine clubs offer a number of free tastings for club members and up to 3 friends and discounts on wine purchases. In return, members agree to purchase some number of bottles over the course of the year. Wine shipments will usually occur 3 or 4 times a year. If you live in the area, it’s a great way to get wine tastings for free throughout the year. If you live outside the wine regions, consider what the shipping costs are and if it makes sense for your location. Some wineries have partnerships with several other wineries expanding your choices for tastings. Or consider having friends join clubs at different wineries so you gain access to more tasting opportunities.

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Sample Itinerary

Your private tour is customized to your wishes, tastes and desires. For many clients, this is a “once in a lifetime” trip so it’s important that the tour is optimized for each client. Checkout our wine tasting tips to get the most out of your experience. A typical day of wine tasting with us may look something like this:


Your day starts when you’re good and ready. Most wine tasting rooms open at 10am so pickup can be timed based on that if you like. We’ll pick you up at your hotel wherever you might be. San Francisco is a common pickup spot as many people are visiting San Francisco and add a day of wine tasting to their plans. No problem! Count on 30-60 minutes drive time from the city to your first stop.

Morning Wine Tasting

Group of friends wine tasting in Napa ValleyMany wineries are open at 10am or 11am so you can usually fit one or two tasting stops before lunch depending on when your day starts. We’ll work with you to recommend wineries that will fit your tastes. Some wineries feature incredible grounds that are worth a visit on their own and some have superb wines in several grape varietals. And of course, some feature both!


A little food is usually a good idea after a couple of tastings. There is no shortage of great restaurants in the area, the biggest challenge is settling on one! Our concierge service is designed to help fit your tastes to the right restaurant. We have it all here in the Napa Valley from casual eateries to world class cuisine. So let us know what your preference is and we’ll make it happen while fitting in to your overall plan.

Afternoon Wine Tasting

After lunch is a good time for a little drive to your next winery destination. Give your lunch a chance to settle while enjoying the stunning Napa Valley scenery. We can take you to the most beautiful wineries with great outdoor spaces where you can relax and take in gorgeous views while sampling some fabulous wines!

Drop Off

Most wineries close around 5pm so when you’re done, we’ll get you back to your hotel or a drop off place of your choosing. No need to worry about driving after a day of wine tasting, we got it covered! Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Napa Vineyard

Private Napa Valley Wine Tours

Your private wine tasting tour awaits! No need to compromise on which wineries to visit. Our concierge service allows you to plan the perfect outing in Napa Valley.

  • Custom itineraries to suit your tastes
  • Fun, friendly tour guide
  • Your choice of wineries from big to boutique
  • Awesome restaurants from high end cuisine to cozy bistros
  • Easy pick up and drop off at your hotel including San Francisco!